The End of the Palm, Possibly

I need to accept the very real possibility that my Palm m50, circa 2001, is on its last legs, all thanks to the new laptop. (Laptop was “built for Vista”. Probably compatible with the previous Windows, but why chance it?)

You see, Palm has been very slow supporting Vista, and even slower supporting its older machines with Vista. There’s now a version of the desktop they say will work, but won’t handle “Quick Install”, used to copy files to the Palm, and I wasn’t able to follow the other way to do it. I’ll read it again when I’m over my cold.

I’ll print out a full backup of my contacts and passwords and other info I kept on the Palm (or at least make a txt file) before trying to move it over.

I originally got the Palm as a Christmas present, (used, since a new was too expensive for the experiment), so I could read fanfic away from the computer without wasting paper. It worked for a while. Project Guttenberg was great, as was Baen Free Library, but then I stopped reading as much fanfic. I have huge number of stories and books on it that I haven’t even looked at.

This summer I wanted room on the Palm to try some new programs, and deleted some. One was Plucker, the one I used to read downloaded web pages. Oops. I hadn’t even noticed until today when I was looking over the installed programs to see which ones needed a partner on the new desktop. Some were downloaded straight from the internet, without a non-Palm-readable intermediate. I guess they won’t get read.

I’m glad I didn’t buy the new word processor program for it last summer, although it would have saved me a lot of hassle when making notes in the margin of stories. The old program, I had to download and read things in one program, but make notes in another.

Meanwhile, I’m remembering what I did before the Palm. As I said in another entry, I’ve already gone back to paper for the datebook. Same for the memos. Paper is faster and like seeing more at once. The only things I regularly used it for are memos I knew I’d want to keep around for a long time (like the size of the furnace filter), passwords (most of which are for online stuff or used so often I remember them), and contacts (which I used to keep in a Word file and print out really small).

The Canadian office of Franklin-Covey is 20 minutes away, and has an outlet store. Very tempting. I’m using a 4×6 wirebound datebook now. A binder the same size would be perfect.

So, we’ll see. I’m glad I learned this before the old computer died.


One thought on “The End of the Palm, Possibly

  1. Update: In November, Palm posted a Desktop for Vista, for OS5. That means the Tungsten series. Still no luck for mine. No, it’s not worth getting a new (EBay) Tunsten for myself.

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