Weekly Report

After two weeks off (one with a nasty cold, the second recuperating (blame the new computer — it runs an old game my other one didn’t)) I’m slowly getting back on track.

Those two weeks, I did dailies and zones, and very little else. Most of the weeklies can happily slide a bit, but if you miss a zone stuff accumulates for another month.

I’ll jump in on the virtues again next week. Jump in where I left off, not restart.

Now I’m catching up. Slowly. Tons of email requiring action and a story to polish for tonight.

After nine years of very little volunteering, I’m back in the saddle.

The school VP’s face lit up when I agreed to roll coins for them every week. Now I know why. Two weeks of accumulated fundraising took almost three hours, but that included manually sorting. Next Friday I’ll bring the coin sorter basket. I also got some of those plastic coin wrappers, which always count perfectly (although husband says the cheap brands are sometimes off, so I’ll still double-check a few times). I’ll use the plastic to count, then dump them into the cheap paper wrappers. (I looked longingly at the $40 electric sorter that also counts (by height), but decided to wait a few weeks. Those things are seriously noisy, and I’d still want to double-check the count until it earned my trust.)

After a year of watching unsuccessfully for a sale, I finally bought a printing calculator at full price. I even paid $10 extra for a bigger keypad and a few functions I won’t use. I’m horrid at long columns of numbers. It took me five tries to add up one kids’ Heart and Stroke donations last year! It’s noisier than I expected (getting a thermal printer would have used up all my mad money, and I have my eye on a few other things this month), and it doesn’t work like a normal calculator — to do 3-2 you type 3+2-. But it’s not Reverse Polish, either, since 3×3 is entered 3×3= . Make up your minds, people! Because of the noise, I’ll probably be to embarassed to use it in the staff room, but I’ll have it when I need it.

I also told the librarian I would help her on Friday mornings. Julia Morgenstern says to chop half an hour off your day, to make you work faster. I hope chopping 4 hours off my free time each week does the same for me.

Today is zone 2, the kitchen (including fridge, pantry and freezer). If all goes as planned, I’ll have done an entire deep cleaning of that zone by the end of the year, which is just about right, although it’s also proof that I need to put in a bit more time if I was hoping each zone would have a month or two left over to use on rooms that aren’t in a zone.



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