Progress Report

I’m almost caught up after my two weeks off. Now that I’m out on Fridays, the kids have to do 30 minutes a week. Daughter chose sweeping. Son chose cleaning the fish tank. Both chose weekends, and both need some lessons. (7-year-old sweeping — not going to save me much time, but at least it’s a start.) If not for that, I’d have done those myself and been totally caught up.

The coin rolling went much better this week. I started first thing in the morning with Thursday’s. (I think the VP did Wednesdays before going to the bank.) Then shelf-reading until today’s came in. Under 90 minutes for two days, with much more attention to the surrounding paperwork.

This week’s zone is the bathroom. Not a lot left to do — just empty and dust a few shelves. Go Me! I’ll either add a lower priority room to the zone now that the main room is in shape, or maybe restart painting and decorating the downstairs one. Probably a combination.

Now to squeeze in groceries. The stores are really crowded on weekends, but the fridge was too full earlier in the week. I need to shift it back to Wednesdays.



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