Cricket has Babies!

We got more fish on the weekend. We’re now at four neons, three
cories, three fancy-tail guppies (1 male, 2 females) and, within a day
of getting them, we now have up to five babies, and a much thinner
female. I say up to five because we counted that many twice. They’re
tiny and like to hide and I swear they teleport. I’m worried they
might be eaten, but can’t catch them in the siphon or net. I’m also
worried they might be sucked into the pump, but I’ve put a net over
it, so there’s just a bit where they might have a problem. I grind up
food extra fine a few times a day for them, and will feed the adults a
bit more than usual, but feeding them too much is bad for several reasons.

I skipped the zone work (bathrooms) last week — lost a day to the
long weekend — so did that zone today and will do master bedroom
tomorrow. I’m on such a roll, I really don’t want to skip a zone, but
have to accept the fact that it will happen.

On the long weekend, each kid chose a 30-min/wk task to do for the
next two months. DS-10 chose fish tank, but we noticed the babies just
when he was getting comfortable cleaning it. He was nervous enough
before the babies — proud to take the job, but nervous once he
thought about it carefully — that we may change it. DD-7 still hasn’t
swept. She’s a busy girl, and I usually need downtime when she’s
available. But we’ll do it tonight.



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