And I Never Completed Anything,…

Last spring, the kids brought home the last of a year’s worth of school work. I added it to the overflowing box for the year, confident that I’d actually go through it later.

It’s been hiding unsuccessfully on the far side of the dining room table ever since. Some books that didn’t fit back on the shelves behind it have joined it.

Today Daughter-7 and I spent fifteen minutes on the it. We sorted papers into “Brother’s Work”, “Give to Oma”, “Give to Grandma and Grandpa” and “Keep at Home”.

All the nice, colourful, finished work goes to the grandparents. Most of the “Keep at Home” pile is stuff she wants to finish.

I hope the grandparents will keep at least some of their piles, so her kids will see at least some finished stuff.


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