Palm, Again

Mom was here on the weekend, and she had money to burn. We decided she’d upgrade her Palm Tunsten E2, so I could get her old one, and have something that works with Vista. (I still haven’t tried the m505 on Vista. See earlier post for details. Palm took six months to do a version of the desktop that works with both the m505 (vintage 2001) and Vista, and it’s not a complete port.)

Short answer: roller coaster.

The Source, formerly Radio Shack, says PDAs that aren’t also phones are passee, as of 6 months ago. (At $200 more for the device, plus changing from $20/month phone plan to $50 or more.)

Online seemed hopeful, decided to get Mom a T|X. I got excited.

Drove to FutureShop. They had only had one, open box, for $40 more than online, same story as The Source.

Stopped by Staples. They had one, not aware of change in marketing. Took tag, looked in stock — only demo model left.

More online research. Palm says “is committed to moving to smartphones.”


I don’t use the Palm for the datebook, but I use all of its other features, and was looking forward to using a spreadsheet and easier text-editing and file transfer. But my conscience just couldn’t make Mom pay almost $500 for a device that will be orphaned with the next Windows upgrade.

I did okay, though. Mom paid for two pairs of pants (one on sale, one regular) that fit. I love Tabbi! She also paid for some makeup. I usually go cheap and regret it, but I’ve always been happy with Elizabeth Arden.

It’s very tempting to buy a Palm E2 online. Or Open Box T|X (husband bought new, so has most of what might be missing). Or new T|X. Very frustrating sight — it keeps sending me to the US pages for details, so I see US prices.

I need to get back to real work. I also need to give the m505 a chance with Vista — it may work just fine. What I really want is “shiny, new, works now, will work forever”.


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