Palm, part something

Spent half the day online researching.

The Palm site sells 3 models that aren’t also phones. The download section says they use desktop 4.1.4e. The download page for that doesn’t list Vista.

Finally looked at Rogers for cheapest smartphone and cheapest plan. $2400 over three years, including phone, not including taxes. Compare to three years of current phone at $360 (plus $75 for phone, but I already own it.)

Put Palm desktop 4.1.4e on Vista machine and hotsynched Palm. Palm data is now on Vista, but not all the third party applications.

Third party application I really want will work on the old Palm and old computer, doesn’t list Vista or Office 2007. (And Quickoffice’s version numbering is odd — 5.x is latest, but 7.x is latest for Palm.)

I keep telling myself to go to the old machine and export the data in text format, then open in Word and format to print in size I can carry in purse. That’s what I used to do, and Word ain’t gonna be orphaned any time soon. (And worst case I export to text and print text file.)

Long day.


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