Something Positive

Re-reading the last few entries, it looks like I’m in a negative trend. Part of my philosophy that low phases will end backfires, in that I see positive things ending as well. It’s not helped by my sense of humour and the feeling that I shouldn’t appear to have a perfect life.

Positive things have been happening, I need to focus on them.

I can now easily do 60 wpm for previewed passages in shorthand dictation, and could probably work a passage to 70 or 80.

After several weeks, we still have five baby fish. It’s rare that all survive that long.

The lawn is ready for winter.

My son got an A on his science test, and usually gets As on his spelling tests. He is using the timer again for video games. He likes the one that ticks, so it’s easy for me to tell. He is enjoying school again. The kid who was bothering him has bothered enough others that he his desk was moved out of the group. He did an awesome job on his science model, and the teacher is having them do the written part in class.

My husband is only 120 hours from finishing a huge and often-delayed project at work, one the sales team is eagerly waiting for. It’s often pushed to the bottom of the list, but the finish line is in sight.

My daughter was cheerful this morning. She’s getting over her cold.

The school newsletter listed me by name, thanking me for my help counting fundraising money. It’s nice to be formally appreciated.

Someone mentioned they actually read my blog!

I’ll add more in the comments as I think of them.


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