MagNif Ultra Sort Coin sorter — to be returned

It says it sorts 400 coins/minute, but the instructions say to only put in 50 at a time.

We put in only 50 at a time, and it jammed 5x in 5 minutes. The sorting disk is plastic, so it will probably get nicked, increasing the liklihood of jamming. It then said we had 50 dimes, but there were only 49. We ran the dimes again, same result. It’s going back.


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  1. Before buying, I emailed them whether it counted by count or height. (Of course, didn’t wait for reply before buying.)

    Their reply:

    The coins would go to the very top of the stack. The top coin would be
    even or a little bit over the top of the plastic tube. It does not count
    the coins, it does “count” them by volume. Again, a full roll to the
    very top of the plastic tube would be a full roll. Are you mixing US
    coins with Canadian coins? Sometimes the width of the coins varies. We
    don’t have a digital version for Canadian coins.

    This confirms my opinion that this is a novelty rather than something useful. If I have $500 (lots of quarters: 1 slice is 1.25, 2 is 2.50) I’m not going to pick through for American before dumping into the sorting bin.

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