The Afghan

More details for a Twitter post. (Yes, I joined. Much to the detriment of all other activities. I’m CrickeB.)

My MIL’s coworkers crochetted during lunch, so she gave in and joined. She manged about 4 rows = 1 inch of an afghan.

She gave it to me almost 20 years ago. Ugly colours, scratchy, but kept my fingers busy so I didn’t pick my nails (which is why Mom used to highly recommend I craft while watching TV. Mom never enforced it, but she was right about my nails improving.) It will fit with the cottage decor (also not chosen by me). I tore it out and started a faster crochette pattern — ds rather than ss. But, half-way through the yarn, it was only 5ft x 2ft. I put it away.

Last year I vowed to finish the first project I touched in my craft box. First was the yellow sweater, 15 years in the making — and it fits! The afghan was second.

I’m knitting a simple ripple pattern, 5ft wide, and it looks like I’ll have enough for a decent size. Rows are: knit, purl, pattern, purl
Pattern is: (k2tog)x3, (yo k1) x6, (k2tog)x3 , with a single k on each end.

We watch subtitled Japanese anime in the evenings after the kids go to bed, and I can knit and read the subtitles at the same time, something I can’t do with cross-stitch. Haven’t tried it with crochetting.


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