Rant: It’s in my Medicine Box, but Does Not Exist

It’s cold season. Trust me on this one. The pill bottles have less than a day’s worth left.

All I want is Triaminic Chewable Cold and Allergy. It has antihistamine and decongestant, but nothing else. If I give this to the kids early, they don’t get the aches and pains. But it doesn’t exist. I’ll take different flavours or generic, but I need something the kids can chew and I hate liquids.

I don’t like the individual pills because:
a) One more thing to remember.
b) The timing is different. When we tried, we felt like a hospital. The combined have slightly different doses so it all works out.
c) It costs more. You pay more for the bottle than the medicine.

Same problem for the adults. The old box is Actifed. Not Actifed-Plus, just Actifed.

I asked the pharmacist at two different stores. Ten different brands, all with identical contents. None of what I want. I finally, on my own, found a different brand. Not quite the same chemicals, but similar class. Dimetapp Kids Chewables something.

What if we were allergic to acetaminophen?



2 thoughts on “Rant: It’s in my Medicine Box, but Does Not Exist

  1. allergies

    I am actually allergic to the ingredient in sudafed, so I can’t take anything during cold season. Try finding a cold medication without pseudephedrine. They took the old Actifed off the market here because someone somewhere had a stroke, so now everyone else gets to suffer.

    1. Re: allergies

      Check Dimetapp’s line. I hear it’s the same family as the one they took off the market (because people megadosing it with another chemical in order to lose weight had strokes). Wikipedia lists three: Pseudaphedrine, Phenylephrine, and Phenylpropanolamine (the banned one).

      I like the nasal sprays, like Otrivin, yet another class of chemical. (Claritin spray is similar chemical, nothing at all to do with Claritin pills.) Mom’s ENT prefers them since they’re local and faster, and says you can be on them twice as long as the lawyers who wrote the box say. I used to get raw throats, but if I take that early, I don’t. (If you wait till you really need it, it stings like the dickens while it starts to work — my entire sinus system, plus teeth.)

      Aerius is the active form of the Claritin chemical. It’s safer because there are fewer steps (and therefore intermediate products), and you can get a higher blood concentration of the active form. At higher concentrations it also has decongestant properties. (Although the sometimes add Pseud… to it.) (All this from one pharmacist. I talked to another and he hadn’t heard about it.)

      See, my early days as a … oops, my virtue of the week includes not talking about it. But it comes in useful sometimes — the pharmacists are a bit more specific when talking to me.

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