Just When I was Feeling Productive

I was finally no longer feeling behind after taking October off for the video game. Husband pointed out that if I always start with the routine stuff, I’ll never get the irregular stuff done. He’s right. So, since I’ve done all the weeklies at least once in the last two weeks, I resolved to tackle some irregular projects. I knew I was drawn to too many, but I was looking forward to progress on at least one.

Last night I fell asleep late and woke up every hour.

Today I want to keep making progress, but all those irregular projects need concentration. I’m working hard on the no-brainers instead. It’s pretty hard to mess up mopping, laundry, and the like. (Knock on wood because, yes, sometimes I’ve even messed up those.) They’re things I’d said could skip a week while I did other things, but this way I can skip them next week instead.

The kids did 30 minutes of housework each yesterday.

Daughter-7 did her room, but was side-tracked because none of the boxes fit under her bed. I found a box in the basement labeled, "Shred when old enough." Contents seem to be 2001-2005, mostly receipts I intended to keep only a year. So, we had a great time shredding. Not what we’d intended, but still useful. From now on, I’m going to scribble out most of the credit card number as I process it the first time, to save this step. The box is about 3/4 done. It gets 15 minutes a day from here on in.

Son-10 folded and put away (with help) the three sleeping bags Daughter used when Mom and Dad were here, then swept the family room. Not exactly 30 minutes, but I gave him credit anyways.

Husband finished rehanging the pocket door to the family room. The first time, he lined up the rollers on the wrong thing. The door and frame are now scraped up, so need more paint, sigh, but its not too bad.

Friday night was B-Guild. Still very glad I joined. G told a Wonderful story about dogs tails. It was my turn to tell a story for feedback. Everyone says my telling improved when MEM grabbed my paper — I wasn’t quite ready for off-book, but I guess I was. It’s an authored story, so the custom is to use the author’s words — aka you memorize it. When you’re actually telling, though, you tell. Ideally, the author’s words will sound like your own, but if in doubt, just tell it.

Last week’s virtue was Silence. Not my strong point. I probably insulted the school secretary with one anecdote. I talked about 3x my share at B-Guild. We won’t mention Twitter, although Twitter often focuses me: What have I got to tell?

This week’s virtue is Order. In Ben’s words: Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time.

I love how Ben applies a single virtue to several areas.

First quick plans: I’ve started my daily and weekly charts again, so I am more aware of which tasks need doing. Also, the place for the "to shred" paper is in a blue bag, shredded.

Mom’s right. No matter how organized my files are, they really detract from the first impression of the house. I’m loathe to change too much, because this is one of the first filing systems I’ve used that actually gets used rather than the filing building up. It’s just a shelf beside my desk, with the folders on it like in a doctor’s office (but with the regular folders). It’s close to me, fast to use (don’t even have to open a drawer), and there’s just a tiny bit of room for a "file this" pile. I know from experience that any obstacle to filing will get in the way. None of the five shelves are appreciably nicer-looking, so I can’t even shift the nicer bits to the visible shelves.

Ooooh! Just measured the wall. Won’t take much re-arranging to at least get the shelf against a less-visible wall. Does moving furniture count as "can’t mess up"? Wish me luck!


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