Another No Sleep

Got to sleep fine, but woke at 2:30, took Gravol at 3:30, hugged daughter at 4:30 (she had a nightmare, and when falling asleep again felt a fish slap her face), and was dreaming soundly at 7 when the alarm went off. Woozy this morning — kids walked themselves to school.

So, another day of doing brainless but productive things. I decided on a 15-minute day. Do something for 15-minutes, then do something totally different. (With the transition time, or quick finishing, it averages three things an hour.) So far it’s been laundry and hotspots, then shredding.

Tips on shredding:

  • Don’t let it go for 5 years. My box is 2001-2006.
  • Be very, very careful when you first process the paper — as in, when you take it out of your wallet.
  • Only put things you’re confident of in the "shred in 2 years" box. Put things in envelopes with more details: Shred in 2002. When you are faced with an entire box, you’ll see glimpses of things that worry you. I haven’t slowed down to check, but I did find an instruction manual for a $50 CD player. (Out of warranty by now, so I didn’t try to find the receipt. Normally we staple receipts to the manual, but,…)
  • Reduce at source. When you take it out of your wallet, look for credit card numbers and scribble them out them. Maybe not the full thing, but most of it. Most stores only print the first and last few digits on the receipt, but it was faster to shred than go through each receipt. Next time (or, rather, when I shred papers that arrive starting today), I’ll not have to worry about that. I need to think about what to do about papers with our address on them.

(Anyone know how to get LJ to do bulletted paragraphs, with space between them?)

Anyone have opinions about routine bills? Our budget shows how much we made and spent, may have full account numbers. Part of me says, "What can they do with account numbers and old balances?" The other part says, "Put it together with our address and mail addressed to us and pretend to be us." Likewise with utility bills. The copy of the credit card slip you sign and the store keeps has the full number, so if they’re not careful, all my care is wasted.

Meanwhile, I have four minutes left in this time block, so I’ll continue on.

PS Today’s quote may well refer to the plan to move the shelf, so I’ll put that project on hold for a while.

Every man is wise when attacked by a mad dog; fewer when pursued by a mad woman; only the wisest survive when attacked by a mad notion.
  – Robertson Davies

One thought on “Another No Sleep

  1. Well, so much for the last chunk. Four minutes turned into 45. Ah, well, groceries will be done after Pilates. Maybe I’ll have post-Pilates lunch there. (Pilates at 12. Horrid time for me. I need to eat around then, not exercise, but it’s the class at my level, so I have an egg or two before and something else later.)

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