They Don’t Want Groups

First MSN decides to close their group service, and recommends a site using the new, user-centric model. User is central, has own website, and messages are sent between him and groups of friends. Groups added as after though. (They may have done a good job of it by now, but the growing pains were rough.)

Now I learn Yahoo has had a problem for two weeks with new members who have Broadband. Actually, even old members. Near as I can tell (from other things that came up when I searched "new profile", they changed the profile system. All the info on your old profile will soon be toast. Group managers are up in arms that new profiles show nothing.

I’m not sure if Yahoo warned us about this or not. I don’t mind my profile being empty, so may have ignored it.

They als changed what they call things. There are now aliases and identities. No clue how yahoo 360 fits with the new model

I’ve been unhappy with the local storytellers using the mailing list based on my private server, even though I recommended it. Several members are happy, but a few would like to share photos and such.

So, I recommended Yahoo groups. I really like(d) Yahoo groups. I opened the group today and told people to sign up and try it out, and official change in two weeks.

Ten minutes later, I get a call. She’s a good reader, not one of the many seniors. It turns out that last month she tried to join Yahoo for another group, and had the same problem. (I think she even mentioned it when I suggested Yahoo, but I didn’t quite register it.)

More research.

There is a work-around. You have to go to another link separately to break a cycle. You also have to read the entire official post. The first link they give doesn’t work. The one listed way down in the update does.

There’s a difference between removing historical informarion, and correcting things. If they didn’t want to totally erase evidence of their typo, they should have stroked it out and said "correction". As is, I (and I assume everyone else) followed the first link and got even more frustrated. (Personally, I’d have corrected it in the text, said "corrected on", and removed the wrong one.)

The day started well. Son’s special dental Xrays showed 3/4 of the suspected problems will be fine, but one will need a quick bit of help in a bit. Much better than we feared. Errands for rest of the morning. Then Twitter. Then opened the new group and wrote a letter dealing with the usual concerns when moving to Yahoo groups. Then this problem sucked up the rest of the day.



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