My Ravelry Invitation Just Arrived

Today I counted $1500 in coins for the school. $1000 from pizza, at 1.25, and, $500 from 3.50 subs. I never want to see another quarter. (Anyone know of a brand of coin trays that’s accurate? Mine fails half the time, but not consistently enough that I know to just add one more coin.) The machine at the mall charges 10%, so I figure 3 hours of my time saves the school $150. I tried the only coin sorter/counter in the store, and returned it.

I love how the internet has encouraged a revival of the old skills. It’s so easy to find patterns and help and yarns and all sorts of good stuff.

You can spend hours admiring Aguona Faire Isle laptop cases and Shetland Wedding Ring Lace Scarves,
or learning 5 more ways to cast on and 7 ways to join yarn.

Last month, Jane convinced me to join Twitter. Trust me, you want to be anywhere Jane is. Once there, I reconnected with Ivy, also a good person to follow. I also learned both are knitters, and suddenly my addiction is in full swing again. I seem to be better about buying new projects than they are (or maybe not as good — I don’t get as much practice) but my family has stopped saying, "Get off the intenet," and replaced it with, "Put down your knitting." I prefer knitting these days, over crochetting, needlepoint or counted cross-stitch because I can do it almost blind. Not quite, but I can watch subtitled Japanese anime. (I’m firmly in the sub camp.)

Every December, I realize again that I have an entire year’s worth of digital photos to get off the camera, and turn into a calendar for the grandparents. We really haven’t taken many pictures this year, so I’ll add some from earlier years if needed. With the new laptop comes theabsence of Picassa and HP Photo Gallery. I’ll try MS Gallery before installing something else. Seeing as I have to go through the old photos anyways, the plan is to post pictures of my finished projects. It feels wrong somehow to claim status as a knitter without posting proof.

And then we have Ravelry. It’s an online group customized for knitters and crochetters, programmed by the husband of a knitter. It claims it will link to any of my blog posts here that link to it. That would be convenient.

If you don’t hear from me for a while, I’m either admiring, knitting, twittering, or lost with the photos. Unless, of course, the kids remind me that Friday is family game night.


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