Stash Busting — Delayed

Ivy and Jane knit. I follow them on Twitter. Hence, the knitting I did while watching subtitled anime after the kids went to bed has reached addiction proportions. The ugly afghan is almost done, so I’m allowing myself to start something else.

I’ve fallen in love with knitted lace, the more complicated the better. I love a new challenge, which explains why, although I confidently talk about needle-less cabling and five different types of casting on, I can’t look at a yarn and know how it will knit up. (Although reading Ravelry blogs shows that even people with three pages of finished projects are still surprised by swatches.)

I tried a LYS (local yarn store). I normally avoid them (and the online ones too). I didn’t see anything that fell within my "buy it now" range, and wasn’t terribly impressed by the store, either. I felt a "This is what we have, so it’s what you want" attitude. (In talking with another knitter at daughter’s swimming lesson, I learned about another LYS, so I’ll try there another day.)

Edit, a few months later: I definitely like the new LYS. If they were the only one in town, I would still like them. Now I’m feeling guilty that the first one got the brunt of my price-shock. I also learned that LYS’s don’t have the tons of patterns they did a decade ago, thanks to the internet, so another strike against them is removed. They’re back to, “I like ASO, but I hear GW also has good stuff.”

In the meantime, Ivy looked at my favourites list and helped me narrow it down to two, I’ll do the Baltic Sea Stole (on Ravelry). [1] I also decided I’m so close to the end of the hated afghan that I should take something else on holiday. I could take my cross-stitch, but it’s hard to talk when you have to stop and count all the time. Knitting I can do almost blind, and once you establish the pattern there’s not a lot of counting. (Ivy also recommended the Mandala (on Ravelry), which is also on my list, but I don’t want to risk running out, so will buy fresh for it.)

[1] To see Ravelry pages, you have to be a member.

I then searched my stash. Stash is much too large a word for it. It fits in a single 25 gallon Rubbermaid box. See, I told you I don’t go to yarn stores that often. (I have another for fabric, and one more for embroidery floss and notions. Scroll frames and cross stitch fabric are in an under-bed box. Stuffing takes another bin, and we won’t mention the two boxes from Mom’s basement labelled "Sandy craft stuff". We also won’t talk about office supplies.)

You’ll note that the original pattern is listed for DK wool, which is what I have. Many did it in laceweight, and even a few in aran. Happy. (Laceweight and aran bracket DK.)

The pattern’s listed as free. Happy, happy. I entered it as a started project.

The link takes me to another site. Mild bit of confusion, but I can deal with it. Then I see "shipping and handling".

It’s not downloadable. Not so happy. Take note of the date on today’s post. Even less happy, in a “silly me” kind of way.

Give credit card number while sobbing.

Hey, I have the wool and ordered the pattern. It still counts as started.

When entring the yarn in the Ravelry project entry, I saw it was used for 817 projects. More browsing! Slight moment of panic when I saw tons of solid and cabling and Faire Isle. More browsing, and I see nicely defined cables and a few holes here and there. No clue how it will wear, but I’ll risk it. I’ll definitely block it, so it’s lacier.

I don’t know what I’ll do with it when I’m done. Since it’s black, it will go with anything. I originally got the wool years ago for a shawl to keep my arms warm at a Christmas party, with a week to go, but came to my senses and sewed a shawl in lined velvet instead. So maybe I’ll keep it for that. I have a few other ideas as well, but many of my relatives are allergic to wool. No need to decide now.