24 rows left on the afghan!

The plan is to knit until I run out of yarn, and hope it’s large enough to be useful.

Each colour gets eight rows at a time. Last night, the last green wouldn’t finish the 8th row. I have tons of all the other colours left. Husband assured me that no one would notice if I started the yellow a row early. Yep, sure. It’s  KPKK KPKK . For the almost-knitters: Most colour transitions, the bumps are on the wrong side. This one, they’re on the right side. Non-knitters need not worry about it.

I decided to go with his suggestion anyways. Stopping now will make it six inches shorter than necessary, and it’s short enough as it is. Doing only 6 rows of green would make that stripe noticably smaller. (It’s not really noticible right now, except for the yellow bumps — or maybe they fool the eye.) I don’t like binding off, and I really don’t like sewing in ends. There are only 64 of them at the ends, plus another 20 or so in the middle. This puts it off a bit.

I visited the newest LYS yesterday. Very sad. I loved the layout and feel. The clerk was very helpful. The prices seemed reasonable, although I’m more used to the prices at the bulk discount place, which is her biggest competition. Her selection wasn’t as big as the bulk discount place (I’ve never seen a selection as large as the bulk discount place), and there weren’t many swatches or samples. I realize that making swatches makes a ball less saleable, but not if you discount the ball by the weight used. She was helpful in identifying the weight of the black wool from my stash, and familiar with the pattern I was considering (Baltic Sea Stole).

As soon as I can co-ordinate with my MIL one town over, we’ll go back and we’ll get the wool for the stole for Oma. I’ll use the black wool for a scarf for my son. Well, half of it. Maybe husband will need one, too.


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