Afghan is Finished!

Totally finished, as defined by "out of yarn", including weaving in all the ends. (Note to self: Wider stripes = fewer ends.)

It’s about 48"x38". Small, but enough for your lap.

I still have 1/3 the orange left, and enough for half a stripe of the yellow and brown, but totally out of green. I don’t remember throwing out any earlier attempts, but at this point I don’t know.



3 thoughts on “Afghan is Finished!

  1. finished afgan

    Great job! It looks larger than a lap size one.
    I haven’t tried ripples, yet, but I will at some point.
    I like how comfy they make a couch look.
    Good for you!

    Jenn S.

  2. Mother Hen is in the midst of crocheting an afgan, as well. The zigzags look really nice. A perfect lap blanket. In fact, I need to go find mine. My feet are suddenly feeling cold. YOu put the thought in my head! 😉

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