State of the Week

Friday may work better for blogging that Monday. That may be the wrong way around. Things other than blogging may work better on Monday.

I’ve found a voice I want to try emulating for a while. She has real content and themes, I have meandering reports on my life, but it’s an exercise in tone, not content, so we’ll see how it goes. It’s actually a storytelling exercise, to help you find your own style. (And everyone I follow is now wondering if I’m immitating them. If you do recognize yourself, pretend you don’t.)

The week started well. Monday I spent two hours on stories for my gig next week. I recorded two of them, and listened to them on my new mp3 player over and over while knitting. I’m not sure if it helped or not.

I started a mid-level clean of the kitchen — things that need doing every two or three months. I set my timer for 15 minutes when I start the evening dishes, and keep cleaning until it beeps. Most nights, dishes only takes half the time, so progress is good. I know, the system I should be on Zone 1 this week, and I did try. Husband cleaned the dining room table so I could sort through all the papers the kids brought home last year, but every time I opened the fridge or looked under the sink I was tempted. I’ll count helping him get the Christmas tree down as my hour in the zone for the week.

My husband suggested my son do a website for his history project. It’s Mommy’s business after all. Uh, Husband, it’s been almost a year. Some parts went smoothly, but there were some odd glitches. Son is thrilled, though, and his teacher is happy with the results. He even created another page (it’s a wiki) and added some links of his own, so he can get to his bookmarked sites when on other computers. But that took a day of my time.

I finally got a recording by the original (and only) artist of my favourite song to my singing teacher. Yep, he sings it in a different key than the sheet music. We decided I’ll sing in his key (Cmaj) and she’ll transpose from the sheet music (Eflat). Yay! (I really don’t enjoy the high range she says needs work — probably because it needs work.)

I spent $18 on a new counting tray for fundraising money. I was torn. Eventually, I’ll be done with the tubes and on to the plastic rollers that do the counting for you, but after today I’m no longer waffling over returning it. It counts perfectly! The only mistake was when two American coins were in the roll. They’re sandwiches of two colours of metal, so easy enough to pull out. We might make $3 on the exchange over the entire year, so I didn’t bother before now.

My most challenging storytelling gig ever is next Tuesday. It’s three grades, two classes each, for 30 minutes each. I need at least six stories, otherwise I’ll repeat so much that I lose sponenaity. I chose stories I remembered, mostly, and one I want in permanent repertoire but need to refresh. I need maybe two more hours before I have verbatim confidence. I could wing it now, but with the sneaking suspicion that I didn’t do the story justice.

Son’s cold officially arrived this afternoon. Daughter may or may  not be fighting one. Husband and I are both healthy.

Next week will start busy. We see our new doctor (our doctors keep leaving town!), then the storytelling gig.

The balaclava I’m knitting for my son is down to his chin. It’s a bit too long in the back, so I’ll ease it in when I do the short rows under his chin. I suspect the real problem is eyebrows to top of head is too long, so it slides back. It’s 1-1 rib, so I can’t cut it and pick up the stitches. It’s an experiment, and so far he’s happy with it.


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