Son’s Hat is Done!


My 10-year-old son wanted a very warm hat, which will cover his face, with separate eye holes because the bridge of his nose gets cold, and go down over his neck and shoulders, because scarves strangle him.

If you show your kid a bunch of pictures, make sure he knows he’s to pick only one. Two designs have hats attached to face masks (but both have one big hole for the eyes), another has a helmet with full face open and goes over shoulders.

I’m on a yarn diet. The only black I have is DK. It’s going to take a while.

I started it Jan 18.

Jan 22. It was marginally too tight, and very dense. After more swatching, with different yarn and needles, I frogged 2 inches of 3.25 needles and redid with 3.75. Looser, and going much faster. May have been too loose with provisional cast on, but we’ll see. It’s also holier, so I might sew in liner, so air doesn’t go through the hat part. We’ll see.

Feb 16. It’s done. The plan was to graft in a piece over the bridge of his nose, but he says it’s warm enough. I even wrote up nice directions, on full-size paper, but now can’t find them. As you can see, it fits me, too.

If I were to do it again, I would use my new knitting log book rather than scraps of paper. I would increase less for the shoulders, and I would make the eye opening larger, since everyone who tried it on wants to pull it down and uncover their nose.


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