Socks Update

Feb 17. Switched to dpns — much faster!

Decided on detail:
just in front of side seams.

Later that night looked up “ladder” on Ravelry. I was already pulling 2nd stitch tight, with no luck. Wrapping 1st stitch backwards, in addition to pulling 2nd stitch tight, works great! A knitter could probably locate the joins, but not a civilian.

Feb 18. Four inches in, husband says detail looks like a run in the fabric. Sigh. Spent an hour (or more) on Ravelry trying to find that simple cable Ivy pointed out last month. I DM’d her today. It’s the Earl Grey sock. I love how I can ask Ravelry, “how does this look in DK yarn?” Looks like my needles are a bit large, but it’s worth swatching.

I’ll swatch it, probably tonight, and if I like it I’ll switch at the heel turn. Maybe I’ll switch sooner. Have to grab my dress shoes and see.

Wish me luck! My first and only pair of socks, 25 years ago, was a disaster.


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