Dear Angies,

Dear Angie,

I’ve been doing a great job lately with gluttony and sloth. Do you remember the ten balls of black DK superwash I bought fifteen years ago, to turn into a shawl for the Christmas party later that month, and never got past swatching? I guess you do.

Anyways, I’m now using it up. That erases the mark under gluttony, right? And all that knitting, that erases one under sloth? Is there a virtue for industriousness?

I made a great warm hat for my son, and mitt liners for my daughter. Those went well. I’m now doing ski socks for myself. That’s good too, right? Knitting socks for them, rather than replacing them because the original liner is getting thin? (BTW, thanks for Jane and Ivy and Ravelry. Having someone who understands when I cast on or frog or drool helps keep me going.)

I’m even handling the frustration well. Maybe my type A is showing again — I want to make sure the socks are the same number of rows, and a pattern is easier than counting. Have you ever done a shadow-pattern of black on black? Very hard to count! But I’m not getting frustrated or swearing, just tinking and frogging. (I’m trying really hard not to promise to swatch next time, since we all know I won’t. It’s one of those good intentions that would into cobble stones.)

Anyway, my problem is that my husband has several anime episodes, and wants to watch them with me after the kids are in bed. That’s not really a problem, but I can’t decide whether to knit (which, as I said earlier is industrious, and counters previous gluttony and sloth), or cuddle up beside him while watching.


PS I found a podcast by Mephistopheles. I’m downloading episode 7 at the moment. It’s full of tips for how to avoid ending up down there.


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