Milestone Met! 70wpm for prepared passage.

A successful take at 70 wpm, without needing to overshoot and drop down again!

I worked up to it over four takes. I always do a slower take or two, and check against the text, before working up. When I really want to push the speed, I then do one at target, one at +10wpm, one at +20, and then down again, by which point the target seems rather slow.

I updated my study routine to include the new speed for every passage, and took out the slowest. I’ll keep to this routine for another few lessons, then start pushing the speed again.

15 more wpm and I’ll have met my goal for prepped material! My final goal by the end of the book is 85 for cold takes, limited to words I’ve already encountered. At this rate, I may not have finished the theory, so once I reach speed I’ll do less speedbuilding and more theory (although speed-building does help reinforce the theory).

Once I’m done the theory, it’ll be random passages alternating with word lists. If I rely on random passages to build vocabulary, it’ll take forever, since most words in a typical passage are the same ones, over and over.

Go me!


One thought on “Milestone Met! 70wpm for prepared passage.

  1. I redid the math for the higher speeds. I was writing during the “this is a demo voice” message, so felt I had to include it. I was about to brag I’d hit 80, but now I see it’s still only 60. I’ll be quiet for a bit, until I actually reach where I said I was.

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