One of the joys of storytelling is the counter-art of storylisteninig.

My friend, JW, shared this story, as an example of a short story that needs a lot of time. Many months later, I needed a micro-story for an event, and he graciously sent it to me, along with links. It turns out it’s actually a traditional story, and there are a few versions online. This one is my favourite:


One day a devoted Talmudic student ran out of the synagogue shouting, “What is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of life?” He ran through the streets shouting all the while. He found himself before the house of his Rabbi. He went inside and, almost in tears, pleaded, “What is the meaning of life, master?” The rabbi slapped the student across the face. “Why did you hit me,” asked the startled student. The rabbi answered: “Such a good question. And you want to exchange it for an answer? It is the answers that divide us. It is the questions that unite us!”


As always, comments welcome.


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