Weekly Virtue: Frugality

Let’s start this weekly Virtue thing again. Is Friday night okay with everyone?

The current list is here.

The next in the list is Frugality.

According to Ben: Make no expense but to do good to others or yourself; i.e., waste nothing.

Last week I started watching Depression Cooking with Clara on YouTube. Three episodes so far. I watch one every day or two. Lots of starch, a bit of protein, and precious little green. One can of peas in three episodes, and a few spoonfuls of tomatoe sauce. However, all but my son liked the egg drop soup, and it’s easy enough to add a salad.

I failed miserably when it came to crafts for the kids. The new yarn store had spools for spool-knitting, so I spent $5 on it. Between buying and opening, she wanted to make a thick string. I forgot about the spool, and started her on I-cord. She likes I-cord. We started the spool tonight, and the stitches keep coming off the loops. She also wanted to do a stuffed animal, but I couldn’t find my sewing tracing paper, so we went to the sewing store. We also got some ribbon for the stuffie. My son was interested in my counted cross-stitch, so a small kit was already on my list. $8 for a 4×4 needlepoint kit I could have put together for under 2.

Maybe that counts as “do good to others”. I want them to know it’s worth a small expense now and the to try something new, and they’re worth my investment. It will also lead to good time spent together as they learn, and good memories of us together as they craft later on. It was a good afternoon.

Next week: Industry. Lose no time; be always employ’d in something useful; cut off all unnecessary actions.

Question: What do you do that is frugal, or what would you like to try?

Second question: Would this work better as two posts / week? One to introduce the virtue and share ideas, and a second one a week later to see how we did?


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