After much knitting, I showed the swatch to my MIL, and she has chosen. The yarn is Stylecraft Ltd Pure Luxury Merino DK, Damask colour, on 5mm needles. The left section is Baltic Sea Stole. Middle top is Prayer Shawl and 2-stitch waffle-weave. Then Stonewall. The final section is 4mm needles, and Baltic Sea Stole but with twisted YO rather than plain YO for the increases.

MIL chose Stonewall, so that’s what it will be. Target is 22in wide and 6ft long.
Swatch for MIL's Stole
I also swatched for the Aguona Laptop bag, in blue. Several people found there wasn’t enough yarn, and I don’t like the red stripe, so I ordered extra of all the blues. I’ve swatched twice, once with the recommended needles and once with a bit smaller, and I’m still large. This is strange — all my life I’ve been a tad tighter than gauge.

I know, the pattern gauge depends on who knit it, but they’re usually pretty close to mine. Maybe it’s because I used to knit with slightly stretchy yarn, but the stole is very non-elastic, so my hold is changing. I’m actually keeping it very loose — if I don’t, it gets hard to use very quickly. The yarn for the laptop case is also non-stretchy.

Meanwhile, I have to ask myself, since I won’t be using the red yarn from the kit, why did I use blue for the swatch? It’s a significant size (it needs to fit well), so I’ll probably need to rip it out and reuse the yarn.


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