My son’s teacher’s wife is expecting a baby this spring. No, my 10-year-old male did not run home excited to share the news. Last month I heard something suspicious while trying not to eavesdrop while I was working in the staff room.

The question is, Do I spend a few hours making a stuffie?

If it were my 7-year-old daughter’s teacher who was pregnant, it would be obvious. Daughter and I would knit a teddy bear for her. (It would be even more obvious because this teacher knits, and daughter gave her her second knitting project — a bookmark. I kept a picture.)

If it were the wonderful teacher he had for two years, with whom I often chatted after school (and still see sometimes) I’d make something. She was special, and was his teacher recently enough that she’s still marginally involved.

In this case, though, it’s less obvious. The teacher isn’t the one who’s pregnant. Boys, especially 10-year-olds, barely notice even if their teacher pops one out live (unless it’s gross enough), let alone give gifts.

Also, there have been 5 other babies this year, including twins from his former grade one teacher. So, if I give this teacher one, will the others feel slighted?

Your thoughts? (And guys, I’d appreciate yours, too.)


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