Earphone Pads, Crochet — Pictures

As promised.

For round earphones, see here
previous post.

Husband’s earphones were larger and oval, so I did it a bit differently. Also, the wire came off the bottom edge rather than the back.

General: All stitches are dc, between stitches on previous round. 1st dc in round is ch3. To finish round, slst in 3rd ch.

R1: Dc18 on a loop and tighten tail. (A bit harder to start, but not as tight as ch6 ring.)

R2: Dc1, dc1, dc2.

R3: Dc1. After a few stitches, hold in place over earphone, and hold the wire in place so it will come out between stitches.

R4: Dc1.

Cut yarn. Weave loosely through final round. Pull tight over the earphone.

Sew in ends, etc.


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