Craft Bags

Knit Picks is asking, on Twitter, what we want in a knitting bag. Much more than I can fit in 140 characters!

First, two bags. One for doctors’ offices and lines. Sock-size projects. Another for soccer games.

For smaller one — standing in line:

Adjustable length shoulder strap, so I can put over opposite shoulder, or just over one shoulder, and open it to get at scissors or hook without taking it off my shoulder. Sleeves for extra set of needles, scissors, pencil. Two or three different lengths of sleeves. Short needles in long sleeve is as annoying as the reverse. Pouch for the pattern. I fold my working copy in quarters for travel. Stand upright if I put it down, or at least sag rather than fall over and spill open. Fastens, so if I do pick it up wrong I don’t lose everything.

For the larger one — watching kids’ soccer:

Large enough for a sweater. Needle and notions sleeves as for the small bag.

A frame, so it stays open. Two collapsible X’s with bars across the top. Something like this bag from Ikea. Handles. Shoulder strap. (for when I carry water, snack, ball, chair and knitting from the car to the pitch.)

The bottom should be about 6 inches above the ground, and somewhat water-proof, in case the grass is long and damp.

Both bags should be washable.


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