I’m Now One Person

It’s happened. My online and offline lives have merged. You see, I met some local people online, and we met. Then I met some local people offline and shared online identities. Then we have an upcoming interview, for a podcast where I comment under my online name.

So, I’ve gone through my blog. Only a few places needed work, where I ranted about someone I know offline. Not as many as I’d feared.

I’ll keep the two identities, but make sure they work well together. One is more professional. One is more rambling. Both show the person I try to be.

So, I am Sandy Schoen, aka CricketB, aka CricketBeautiful. Storyteller, fanfic writer, stay-home-Mom, knitter, and former engineer, just west of Toronto, Ontario. Interests subject to change over the years. And, yes, there are other people with one or more of the same names, living in other places, so please don’t confuse us.



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