Socks 3, Earl Grey, in Blue/Gold/Grey, and Spinning

I wanted something small to carry to daughter’s soccer games, and the shawl didn’t fit that description. The aguona laptop bag, while small enough, will need frequent checking of the pattern — not possible while on a windy and/or wet soccer sideline.

So, I got to buy more yarn. The kids were with me, since it was a PD day. (I combined the trip with her doctor visit.) I was curious about spinning. It took very little effort to interest daughter. So we also bought a drop spindle and some roving.


I did the first sock in four days. Oops.

I tried a true circular tubular cast on. Cast on 1/2 stitches on waste, (plus extra), join, knit a few rounds. Start good yarn.

Rnd 1: k1, yo
Rnd 2,3,4: k1, s1 (the yo becomes the “back” of double-knit)
Rnd 5: k1, p1 (p the yo from Rnd 1)

Rnd 1 is too loose for my taste, so after knitting an inch or so of rib I worked along Rnd 1, tugging it and moving the excess to the loose end.

Next time, I’ll try something different. Probably cast half the final stitches on with waste, then knit a few rows, fold it into final position, and catch the purl bumps of the 1st row for the purl of the ribbing. That was the first tubular cast-on I tried, in the flat, before discovering the double-knitting method.

Love the pattern, and the yarn. Only downside is the the first sock was 3.05 repeats, so a lot of yarn is in the “scrap” ball. If that’s too much, then I’ll see where in the pattern the ball ends, and decide then.

I want to join a sock club for a year. Not as fanciful as the Tsock Flock, but more than just random colour/stitch-dictionary. When the budget allows.


It works much better if Mommy turns the spindle, rather than letting it drop. I prefer having her turn it than dropping it myself. If I take it up as a hobby, I’ll get a wheel. You have more control. She chose a nice pink and white bunch of roving, hand-dyed by the store owner. It’s “a bit” erratic in every way I can see (and a few more that only experienced spinners can se), but it’ll do. We’ll ply it with something store-bought for strength. I think I’ll do a hat. The inner layer will be store-bought, maybe doubled. The fold-up-cuff will be the hand-spun / store-bought blend. That gives lots of flexibility.

I hope they run a spinning class next year, so I can learn a bit faster. Experimenting is great, but it’s also good to learn from others’ experiments.


One thought on “Socks 3, Earl Grey, in Blue/Gold/Grey, and Spinning

  1. Clarify: The spun yarn is erratic, not the roving. Just love vague references. They catch me all the time unless I put on the professional writer hat.

    We’ve also decided on a scarf rather than a hat. Cast on a few stitches, increase beg each row, garter stitch so can inc/dec mid-row if gauge changes. If? gauge change? We have yards of various thicknesses. Is a trial piece, to learn and experiment. Wearable memento is a bonus.

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