Making Work for Myself

Shortly after moving from LiveJournal to, I realized my online and offline identities were blending enough that I needed to review all my posts. There were a few where I complained about people who might, seeing it, recognize themselves. Or a friend would recognize them. Turns out there weren’t nearly as many as I feared.

Last night I mentioned, to an offline group, that yes, you could find that group’s page just by looking at random. Start with shorthand, then go to my profile, I go by the name Cricket, and then to my hobbies.

Did you catch that? I just told that group my online name. And I suspect I’ve done it in other groups as well.

But I had purged my blog, so all was well.

Or was it?

Nope. I hadn’t purged the old LJ blog. Not sure how likely they are to find it, given that this one is much more active, but there are 158 entries there to go through.

I decided to delete them. No mass delete. Just as well. If you followed a link to a deleted entry, LJ said the page didn’t exist, but didn’t show you the blog, leaving you lost.

So, now I’m editing all 158 entries to say “I’ve moved to .” What fun.

Oh, I also moved all my pictures to the servers. WordPress just linked them. Only about 10, but if I’m deleting and abandoning, then they might be purged if LJ is short of space.

I also learned that private posts weren’t transferred. There weren’t many of them, and if they were private then they’re best not transferred, but I need to check each one just in case I used as a record for myself. I don’t think I used LJ for that, but…

Mom was right. Never, ever, assume the wrong person won’t hear.


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