Too Much To Do

I did another Todo list this morning, with deadlines. Many of them require several working sessions.

Long Term, Firm Deadline

  • Story: Gunga Din, Rehearsal Nov 4 (4×15), perform Nov 11 (2×15)
  • Story: LBMan, Rehearsal Nov 4 (10×15), perform Nov 6 and 11 (2×15 for Nov 6, 1×15 for Nov 11)
  • Story: RAng, Rehearsal Nov 15 (10×15), perform Dec 4 and 9 (3×15 for Dec 4, 1×15 for Dec 9)

(4×15 means I expect 4 sessions of 15 minutes each, to either learn it or to not forget it.)

  • Dad’s website: Something up Oct 20 (2 hrs), Mostly done Nov 1 (3 hrs).
  • My site: Tech update Oct 19 (2 hrs)
  • Bird Scramble mail Nov 1 (8 hrs)
  • Halloween costumes for kids, Oct 26. (Take them to store weekend of 24th and hope they find something.)
  • Shoe covers and leg warmers for bazaar, Dec 10 (includes delivery time). 6 prs shoe covers, 3 single legwarmer samples. (5hrs/pair. Goal: One pair per week.)

Finish by end of October to meet housekeeping goals:
Any without times are 15-30 minutes deep cleaning.

  • Bills, Oct 20 (30)
  • Pile of low-priority from desk, currently in file labelled “summer paperwork”. Nov 3. Should have been last month, but,…
  • Similar pile labelled “September paperwork”. Nov 5.
  • Household accounting and budget. (2 hrs) Nov 6.
  • Call consignment shop for appointment,…
  • Front porch / Back deck
  • Clean car
  • My corner
  • Garage
  • Upper Storage
  • Lower Basement

Finish by end of week to meet housekeeping goals:

  • Strip and wash beds. (15) (Remake them, too.)
  • Clean fish tank. (30)
  • Deal with email build-up. (30)

Finish by end of day to meet housekeeping goals:

  • Fold and put away laundry, including today’s load.
  • Dishes.
  • Hotspots.
  • Email Guelph Guild times for last night’ performance. (15)

Other things which have been on the list forever:

  • Review digital photos since 2004. Print several. Mail some. Put others in album.
  • Clean email archives since 2007.
  • Purge recursive backups since forever.
  • Final pass (yet another) on Starlight: At School and post. Add more “in their heads” to some scenes. Add more interaction with classmates. Read all comments from 4 years of BScramble and decide what to do with them.

Now, to work!


3 thoughts on “Too Much To Do

  1. So far:
    All repetitive, boring daily routine done, except 1 load laundry in dryer and other in machine.

    Enough time on my corner. I tore my favourite pants, so did all the mending.

    Lots left for tomorrow.

  2. I’m with David Allen and GTD on this one. Bouncing around in my head they prevent me from getting things done and incite panic, or movement on the wrong projects. If I don’t know I’m moving in the right direction, I don’t move at all, except for backwards. (Watching Amazing Race is very frustrating sometimes.

    Writing them out, then working backwards to see when I need to start to meet each deadline and shifting things around so the calendar is more balanced, helps reassure me things will get done — or gives me the courage to take things off the list ASAP. It also helps keep me focused — I know what I need to get done each day. Learning stories works best with a few long sessions to start, for shaping and timing, then a short session every day.

    Unless, of course, you’d rather my Christmas story not get done properly. I could shorten the prep time and skip the chance to workshop it properly. In which case, you wouldn’t get a recording.

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