Too Much To Do

I did another Todo list this morning, with deadlines. Many of them require several working sessions.

Long Term, Firm Deadline

  • Story: Gunga Din, Rehearsal Nov 4 (4×15), perform Nov 11 (2×15)
  • Story: LBMan, Rehearsal Nov 4 (10×15), perform Nov 6 and 11 (2×15 for Nov 6, 1×15 for Nov 11)
  • Story: RAng, Rehearsal Nov 15 (10×15), perform Dec 4 and 9 (3×15 for Dec 4, 1×15 for Dec 9)

(4×15 means I expect 4 sessions of 15 minutes each, to either learn it or to not forget it.)

  • Dad’s website: Something up Oct 20 (2 hrs), Mostly done Nov 1 (3 hrs).
  • My site: Tech update Oct 19 (2 hrs)
  • Bird Scramble mail Nov 1 (8 hrs)
  • Halloween costumes for kids, Oct 26. (Take them to store weekend of 24th and hope they find something.)
  • Shoe covers and leg warmers for bazaar, Dec 10 (includes delivery time). 6 prs shoe covers, 3 single legwarmer samples. (5hrs/pair. Goal: One pair per week.)

Finish by end of October to meet housekeeping goals:
Any without times are 15-30 minutes deep cleaning.

  • Bills, Oct 20 (30)
  • Pile of low-priority from desk, currently in file labelled “summer paperwork”. Nov 3. Should have been last month, but,…
  • Similar pile labelled “September paperwork”. Nov 5.
  • Household accounting and budget. (2 hrs) Nov 6.
  • Call consignment shop for appointment,…
  • Front porch / Back deck
  • Clean car
  • My corner
  • Garage
  • Upper Storage
  • Lower Basement

Finish by end of week to meet housekeeping goals:

  • Strip and wash beds. (15) (Remake them, too.)
  • Clean fish tank. (30)
  • Deal with email build-up. (30)

Finish by end of day to meet housekeeping goals:

  • Fold and put away laundry, including today’s load.
  • Dishes.
  • Hotspots.
  • Email Guelph Guild times for last night’ performance. (15)

Other things which have been on the list forever:

  • Review digital photos since 2004. Print several. Mail some. Put others in album.
  • Clean email archives since 2007.
  • Purge recursive backups since forever.
  • Final pass (yet another) on Starlight: At School and post. Add more “in their heads” to some scenes. Add more interaction with classmates. Read all comments from 4 years of BScramble and decide what to do with them.

Now, to work!


3 Responses

  1. So far:
    All repetitive, boring daily routine done, except 1 load laundry in dryer and other in machine.

    Enough time on my corner. I tore my favourite pants, so did all the mending.

    Lots left for tomorrow.

  2. If I made a list like that, I’d give up and never get anything done ever again. 🙂

  3. I’m with David Allen and GTD on this one. Bouncing around in my head they prevent me from getting things done and incite panic, or movement on the wrong projects. If I don’t know I’m moving in the right direction, I don’t move at all, except for backwards. (Watching Amazing Race is very frustrating sometimes.

    Writing them out, then working backwards to see when I need to start to meet each deadline and shifting things around so the calendar is more balanced, helps reassure me things will get done — or gives me the courage to take things off the list ASAP. It also helps keep me focused — I know what I need to get done each day. Learning stories works best with a few long sessions to start, for shaping and timing, then a short session every day.

    Unless, of course, you’d rather my Christmas story not get done properly. I could shorten the prep time and skip the chance to workshop it properly. In which case, you wouldn’t get a recording.

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