Weekly Virtues: Cleanliness Recap, Tranquility Preparation

Still working through Ben Franklin’s 13 virtus. This week was Cleanliness.

Tolerate no uncleanliness in body, cloaths, or habitation.

This was the worst week in a long time for cleaning the kitchen first thing in the morning. It often waited until the kids got home from school. Not good. The rest of the house is about average.

Husband has been awesome. He cleaned the box graveyard in the basement and moved shelves around so we have better aisles. He also supervised cleaning the dresser in the front hall and selection of winter woolies.

I started a new habit related to cleanliness. Most times I do the dishes, when I have nice hot soapy water handy, I now spend about five minutes cleaning something irregular. The habit started last week. In that time I’ve cleaned the counter, microwave inside and out, toaster oven, fruit and vitamin baskets (we have stacking baskets), and most of the fridge. Only one or two fridge shelves at a time. So far it’s working.

The goal is to add five minutes to several routine cleaning tasks. The bathroom counter and toilet already get wiped daily (guess when), so I added an extra five to that time. So far I’ve cleaned the toothbrush tray and window frames.

With twelve rooms, five minutes a day in each is an unrealistic two hours. Also, although five minutes works surprising well for most tasks (the trick is to break them down), some need more. For now, though, I’ll add an extra irregular clean to another regular task every week or so, and see how it goes. The trick is to make it routine.

So, one step back, one step forward, and one ladder in position.

Next week is Tranquility.

Be not disturbed at trifles, or at accidents common or unavoidable.

Otherwise known as “Saving my blood pressure.” All sorts of quotes come to mind, including spend energy on things you can do something about rather than on worry.

It’s good timing. I’ve been jittery and excitable the last few days. Twice there was a delay in a checkout line. I remembered my usual quote as others started fidgeting. “Someone is telling me to spend a few minutes relaxing.” It took a conscious effort to relax. I wasn’t anxious or rushed, just jittery. It was nice to focus on calming.

Over at Jane’s blog I overdid it (they’re getting used to me) justifying why we weren’t fighting the teacher who was insisting our son slow down to stay with the class. Waste of good blood pressure, since they don’t care except in a general sense. Ironically, the justification I was all het up over boils down to the best choice is not to get upset by it. (Yes, we’re doing other things to keep him challenged.)

As always, visitor comments are encouraged.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Virtues: Cleanliness Recap, Tranquility Preparation

  1. We love you,Cricket. 🙂 I love having your opinions in my combox. 🙂 Don’t get disturbed over the conversation there, sure, but do keep coming!

    I like the concept of “irregulars.” I hadn’t thought about them that way, but lately I’ve been noticing more of those around here and doing them when I do other projects. They’re not covered in the Motivated Moms calendar because they’re particular to this house, but I guess they still need to be done from time to time.

  2. I’m not disturbed by the conversation at your place. It’s balanced, respectful, and makes me think, but sometimes I realize I’m trying to justify my choices to myself more than adding value to the conversation.

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