Weekly Virtue: Recap Justice, Begin Restraint

Justice was a hard one, probably because the definition is so vague. Maybe I should choose a definition to concentrate on next time it comes around.

Social justice, on a small scale, seemed the right part to work on. Easy enough at this time of the year, when all the charities are begging. We even held a (distributed) family meeting on where to send the Christmas donation.

My volunteer job has been taken over by the school secretary, so I need to find something else. Coin counting (Literally. Pizza slices are 1.25 and subs are 3.50.) was my speed. Not sure where to look next. As a teenager it was Girl Guides, but Daughter has enough on already and it doesn’t interest me anymore. Storytelling counts a bit, but not enough for me. Maybe I’ll join the group that goes to seniors’ residences. I hope to get into more schools around World Storytelling Day this spring.

Turns out I already did Justice back in October using Ben Franklin’s definition: “Wrong none by doing injuries, or omitting the benefits that are your duty.” I did reasonably well on injuries, and adequate on duty, but as I said above, that’s only because of the family Christmas donation.

The next virtue is Restraint.

Another vague one. I suspect all the Heavenly Virtues will have this problem.

Let’s see: Restrain self from getting angry or procrastinating. Restrain self from eating all those yummy cookies. I showed restraint after the concert by not bringing home all the leftover yummies. Need to think more on this one.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Virtue: Recap Justice, Begin Restraint

  1. Failed already. Just added two more hours a week of fiction (one new SF, one old SF radio plays) to my podcatcher, in addition to an hour of Scientific American added last week. I enjoy listening to archives, too, so there’s tons waiting for room on the player.

  2. And, maybe I’ll be okay. The old SF radio plays didn’t interest me. One was an old take on an old idea, with only adequate sound quality, the other was part 2 of 2.

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