An Idea: Place to Share Small Accomplishments

Ever have a day when a checkmark, even a really big one, just isn’t enough reward for accomplishing something? What you really want to do is share it with others who understand.

There are days I could easily overwhelm my Twitter contacts with hourly (or quarterly) updates, but try to restrain myself to things that might give value to their day.

I really don’t expect people to read about all I accomplish. That would be counter-productive. The idea is to report your accomplishment and keep going, not read what others are doing. Maybe every few hours we cheer each other on.

How many would like a place to share that sort of thing.

Ideas so far:

A forum on . Easy to set up, but I won’t get fancy with skin and other options.

A blog, with multiple authors. Choose a skin with an RSS feed for comments. Or not — the goal is we update our status more often than we read others’.

(Side note: Where does the apostrophe go for plural things that belong to plural other people?)

A separate Twitter account, and a Twitter-list of people in the group.

If it’s a forum or blog, maybe one main entry per day and everyone uses that day’s comments section for status messages.

Possibly a daily quote or goal or motivation or laugh. Take turns, informal.

Point system? Very informal, humorous. A monthly award for the most points?


4 thoughts on “An Idea: Place to Share Small Accomplishments

  1. To show possession by a plural noun, add the apostrophe after the s. The cats’ water bowl. The girls’ bedroom. You have it correct.

    I don’t want a separate Twitter account. I have over 1000 followers already, and I don’t need more confusion on that front. The forum or blog would work for me.

  2. I like the idea. It would be kind of nice to also post a series of hoped goals, for example a ‘decluttering of the family bookshelves by summer time’ and then be able to progress the process? Perhaps a blog with pages for each contributor to list their ‘big’ goals and then a daily post in which we can track our ‘tada’s’ in the comments section? The top part could be a series of scheduled motivational and or thought provoking posts?

    Just a thought!

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