Weekly Virtue: Recap Courage/Fortitude, Prepare for Faith

Weekly? Hah! Total abandonment of the schedule this time.

The need for courage scared me. Why did the Fates consider this one appropriate for the holidays?

Turns out I worried for nothing. There were the usual, typical glitches, but nothing we weren’t prepared for. The kids are getting older, so even those glitches were easier to handle. (Neither of them gets sick from reading in the car, so being unable to play the audiobook wasn’t an issue. Yay!) Maybe it was a way for the Fates to tell me to Be Prepared, which I was.

Faith is an odd one for me to work on. I suspect the intention something about your relationship with God, which is difficult for an agnostic. In some ways I’ve worked on it a lot this fall. Jane’s blog is great for faith-based tidbits that make me think.

Mostly, though, when I use the word “Faith” it’s in the phrase, “I have faith that…” I have faith that my kids will turn out well, despite my parenting mistakes. I have faith that my muses will return. (They did, and are waiting patiently for me to create more room for them.) It’s a way of saying that stressing out about something will likely cause more grief then letting it happen naturally. It’s not an excuse to do nothing. One of the reasons my kids are turning out so well is they know I care enough about them to work on it, even if I might not know the best way to do it. It’s just a handy place to put the worries while I deal with the parts I can actually do something about.

In the next week, I have faith that my schedule will eventually align so I can spend an afternoon downtown celebrating my birthday. I have faith that I will maintain my new housework and learning schedule, and the results will be worth it.

What does faith mean to you?


One thought on “Weekly Virtue: Recap Courage/Fortitude, Prepare for Faith

  1. That’s a tough question.

    Hebrews 11:1 says “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” And that’s kind of what you’re talking about in terms of having faith that your creativity will return, and that your children will profit from the sacrifices you make on their behalf.

    I think for me, faith is the confidence the the stuff I can’t control will work out, that Something will fill in what I’m lacking. It’s something I see evidenced more in behavior than in my emotions, though. It’s how I’ve connected the dots between the things I can see in the world and came up with the shape of the things I can’t see.

    Eventually, faith has to disappear when it becomes proof. At some point, your creativity returns or your children grow up into splendid adults,and then your faith is realized. It’s not an endless hanging-on with a pollyanna falseness. I think our faith has to interact with the reality around us, but it’s realized in the way we then interact with the faith. It’s not a static thing, which to my mind, makes it hard to define.

    So, sorry. No answer. Not really.

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