Weekly (well…) Virtue: Recap Faith, Prepare for Hope

Mixed success with faith this week. I learned that I can manage when my faith isn’t justified. Nothing big, and not my story to tell. Suffice to say it all worked out in the end and we learned things, both about how to prepare for and do scary things, and a technical way of making this thing less scary.

Oh, and my faith that the local yarn store would have more of the yarn I started Dtr’s socks was also unfounded. Dtr said she wanted leg-warmers, then decided they should be knee socks. They always had lots of that yarn available, so I thought it was popular. Turns out it didn’t sell well. The store is in a tough niche: luxury yarns, but budget-conscious clients. It had to be “red”, so I went to a totally different feel — smooshy rather than hard — and it’s working out well. The old yarn gave warning at a good point, too.

On the other hand, the scary thing got done on the second attempt, despite my almost messing it up. The new yarn is working out well, once I got used to the different feel.

I don’t see Hope as being a virtue. The virtuous part of it, relying on Fate or God to do what you can’t, so you don’t give up on doing what you can, is Faith.

Maybe it’s like choosing a present to give the kids, but being very unsure about it. You hope they’ll like it, but not confident enough that it can be called Faith. Maybe it’s a matter of scale. I have Faith that the big picture will work out, but as I do each step it’s Hope. I Hope to get the housework done today and have Faith that the house won’t fall apart if I don’t. I Hope Son do well on the upcoming grammar test and have Faith that they will do well in life.

This one needs some thinking about.


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