Shorthand Dictation Files

Shorthand is a hobby of mine, but I don’t know anyone who dictates at learners’ speeds as a hobby. So, I started creating my own files. Then I decided to share them:

So far it’s only a few chapters of Gregg Simplified, but I’m willing to add more methods. Once I have a decent recording, it takes 5-10 minutes to produce a full set at different speeds, independent of length of passage. (Yay computers!) An original at 60wpm produces a reasonable set ranging from 40 to 90 wpm.

Contact me if you want other passages or speeds, or if you’re interested in helping.


2 thoughts on “Shorthand Dictation Files

  1. Cricket,

    Am interested in knowing more about what you’re offering with Shorthand. I just wrote a blog post about it and was looking for other like minded people to communicate with.

    I’ll be looking forward to connecting with you.

    All the best,

  2. HI Darlene,

    I’m just putting up the recordings I make as I go along. It’s all described on the lined page. (Oops, just realized I didn’t actually activate the link. Now fixed.)

    So far, it’s only chapters 11 and 12. Shorthand keeps sliding off my todo lists each day.

    Two good sources for information about Gregg Shorthand are:

    Mulitply Group:
    This one is for all versions of Gregg. The older can reach higher speeds, at the expense of a higher memory load. They all use the same alphabet, but the older versions use more shortcuts.

    Gregg Shorthand Forum
    This one is for Anniversary Gregg, one of the older versions.

    Let me know if I can be of any more assistance,


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