Still Alive

Taking a break from the Weekly Virtues for a bit. They were a good idea, but couldn’t compete with my other good ideas.

I bought a new needle organizer, and then made labels for all the pockets. Rather nice, but they could use another set of eyes or three before I put up the final files.

There are two sizes: Return Address (1-3/4″x1/2″) and Mailing (2-5/8″x1″). Both are readily available in stores.

They include sets for needles, crochet hooks and tiny crochet hooks. Each label has the size in metric and conversions for US and UK. Eventually, each will have a page of just knitting, so you can print a set for each type (straight, circ, dpn). Note that the conversions aren’t exact, just the closest round number. It’s better than no conversion, and there are so many other things that can affect gauge that you still have to swatch.

We also took the plunge and bought a keyboard. It was a tough call, but this one fit the budget, has most of the features piano teachers look for, and the tiny toy I was using to support my voice lessons was dying. If no one takes piano lessons, it was the right call. If one of us does, we’ll have to upgrade and it was an expensive experiment.

Right now I’m enjoying the self-teaching book very much, like the sound much more than the sound of even cheaper keyboards, and lessons aren’t in the budget, so it was a good buy.


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