Selective Hearing

Dtr8 is upstairs now, crying her eyes out. Loudly. Brother said, “It would be nice if we could …” Daddy heard, “It would be nice if we could …” She heard “We can…”

The strange thing is, Brother’s idea had to do with Nerf sniper rifles and battles and things she’s not normally interested in.

You can see why the only bit that concerns me is whether she’ll be over it before it’s time to leave for dance lessons.

Something similar happened to me yesterday. Being bored, I searched “Sock Summit” and “this year”. No, don’t do it yourself just yet.

The first result brought up a city that’s commuting distance from here. Hint: It’s the capital of Ontario. Heart races, excitement rises, toes and fingers cross. I searched some more.

“Maybe in a few years.”

Reality set in.

Big events like that come about in two ways. Some start small and grow. The infrastructure grows with them. Most years are variations on previous years. Others start as a huge, one-time event, with the entire infrastructure being invented at once.

Sock Summit was the latter.

What probably happened was someone said, “We should do this next year!” Much exhausted agreement in principle. “Yes, but in your hometown!” More excited and proud agreement in principle, brains being too drained to think it through. By the time the team has recovered from the first event, reality sets in.

So, heart comes down a bit.

Much as I’d like to keep everything crossed until 2011, or 2012, or as long as needed, I’ve had to compromise. I can’t read my current pattern with crossed eyes.


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