More Engineering Thinking

Several months ago I realized that I use a set of 12 folders named with the months of the year in several places on my computer. Pictures, drafts, podcasts, todo lists, all sorts of stuff. So I created an empty set and stuffed it into a folder called “template folders”.

That’s engineering thinking. See something that annoys you and do something about it.

I’m way behind in my podcast listening. For “current” podcasts, I like to listen in the order they were released, both within the series (so I don’t get spoilers) and between shows (it mixes my listening experience up nicely). Many of my favourite podcasts don’t include the episode number or release date in the file name. It’s a pain to edit each file name as I copy them to the player. (No, it’s not an iPod. I got a Sansa Fuze, similar to a Nano, and saved $100.)

I now have another set of template folders labeled “short weeks”. 1-5, 6-10,…,30-35 .

The original plan was to sort by weeks, but I got tired of looking up the date each week starts on. This way is just as easy to use. A weekly podcast will have one episode in most, but not all, folders. Yes, I might listen to Friday’s episode titled “Anything about Distraction” before Monday’s “Xtreme Procrastination”, but it’s close enough.

Why not daily folders? I don’t have any daily podcasts. The only 2/week podcast doesn’t need to be heard in exact order (although it’s easier to keep track if I don’t skip around to much). The player goes nicely between files within a folder, but I have to stop (and dry the dishwater off my hands, or clean the garden dirt off, or dig around in my pocket for the player) between folders.

Why 30-35? The column of alternating 0’s and 5’s is aesthetically pleasing.


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