RSS Feeds and WordPress — I Love Them!

This is tip for social-media junkies.

RSS Feeds rock!

Most sites that are updated on a regular basis have a list of recent updates. Some have more information (like the entire entry), others have less (and a link to the main page). You set your blog reader to watch the feed. Every so often it asks, “What’s new?” The feed responds with a list of the most recent posts. The blog reader compares them and does something sensible. I use ThunderBird, since it’s also my email client, but Google Reader is also good (and less picky about the exact format of the feed, which can be a good thing).

There are other feed types, like Atom, but RSS works for me so I didn’t look much further.

The upside is I don’t have to visit each and every site I watch every day. It’s especially nice if there are often comments, which inspire more comments — on posts from last month. I just watch the comments feed and easily know what’s happening.

The downside is I see all those updates, which sucks time. Then again, if this didn’t suck my time, something else would. Don’t blame the technology for my lack of self-discipline. Another downside is some readers check every 10 minutes, which creates a lot of traffic.

Many WordPress themes list the RSS feeds somewhere on the top bar, or bottom, or side. Some don’t.

If you want to follow a WordPress blog that doesn’t advertise its feed, try this:
(If it’s hosted on, the blog name is something like

To follow the comments, try

With a bit of exploration, you can probably get a feed of comments on a group of posts, such as a category or tag. You can also follow the comments on just one post.

This flexible feed is one of the reasons I changed to

Now, back to my housework. Today I need to rehearse my story several more times, so I can relax and enjoy telling it.


One thought on “RSS Feeds and WordPress — I Love Them!

  1. I use RSS feed exclusively! And apparently there is a method to read it on my Bberry but I haven’t figured that out yet.

    Its so much easier, but I do find I get annoyed at blog writers that force you to go to their blog to read their post, lol! But I’m a lemming and I go over and see ;o)


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