Patience Pays

Two weeks ago I came to the conclusion that by the time I copied everything I wanted from Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters, I might as well buy the book. I found some old gift cards with my name on them and off we went to Chapters.

Chapters didn’t have it. Nor did they have any of the other books on my list. (The kids fared much better.)

Then Knit Picks announced their spring book sale. Rationalization: The person who gave me the gift card wanted me to buy books for me, regardless of store. The gift cards can then go into our regular book/gift budget.

Six books went on the wish list immediately: Several Elizabeth Zimmerman, another about socks from hand-painted yarns (which talks about different types of pooling and ways to play with it), and one about different types of yarns. They don’t carry the Bordhi book.

Check total. Leave the website.

One of the storytellers is also a knitter. I told her about my dilemma. She’s in the process of decluttering and gave me three of the books.

I was downtown last week, and while there I ordered the Cat Bordhi book from the local bookstore. No word on when it will arrive. Yes, I ordered it quickly, before I changed my mind. I also bought a gift for my son — origami robots.

The Knit Picks sale ends in two days. Only three books were still on my wish list. I really don’t like spending money. The hand-painted sock book would be full of information and ideas, but I expect it’s mostly material that I’ll absorb quickly rather than refer to frequently. Same with the one about different types of yarns. Check the local library. (I love online catalogs!) They have both of them.

That left one EZ book. Sale saves me $12, shipping cost $8. Net savings of $4, and I already have the three books from Beve and two in the library to read first. They don’t ship free to Canada. I’m a low stasher. (It’s one of my few restraints.) None of their other sale items jumped out at me. I already have a pair of socks on the needles, yarn and pattern for a second pair, and a lace shawl on the needles. That’s enough for now.

Net total: Five books I can read without buying. Beve knows her books have a good home (and they’ll probably be handed down to my daughter). The library stats will show that knitting books are popular. The local book store got business. We have a birthday gift for Son. One book still on my wish list.

Patience pays.


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