Lace Up Shoes

One of the first steps in FlyLady’s program is “Get dressed to lace-up shoes.” The theory is that until you do that, you’re still in early morning, pre-work mode. It’s too easy to go back to bed or curl up on the couch.

I have a mixed marriage. I come from a shoes-on family. Good English stock, used to cold stone floors. Besides, Dad couldn’t be bothered to take his shoes off every time he came in. My husband’s family is from Good German stock, used to doing things correctly and looking after things like floors. In the interests of less cleaning, we went with shoes-off for our house.

My new running shoes have smoother soles than usual, so they don’t collect as much junk. I decided to follow FlyLady’s advice and, after my morning walk, left them on. This is the third day. (Maybe I’m just being lazy. Hard to say.)

Result: Less work done with shoes on.

My routine was take shoes off and go do housework. Shoes on inside meant I was only inside for a moment, perhaps to reload the mp3 player before gardening or grab the grocery bags. Shoes off meant time to work.

It’s already 11. I’ve checked all the blogs, updated iTunes and my player and done non-business email.

The kitchen is still a mess, laundry hasn’t been started, and I haven’t done any studying.

Time to take off my shoes and get on with my day.


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