The Weeks After Holidays

Last week was not, I hope, typical of my new year. After two weeks of holidays, which included receipt of World of Kefflings and several books, expecting to keep even with housework was a bit unrealistic.

Great time with the family, including Dad’s family reunion. Great Grandma Jesse had good genes.

This week started well. Reset New Years Resolutions starting date. Paid bills, cleaned fish tank, went to singing lesson, then played Kefflings. Oops. Also noticed that the books I took out of the library for the trip were due, so had to read them. All this had the usual effect on bedtime and ability to sleep, which then had the usual effects on the next day’s decisions (or lack thereof).

This week started strong. Walked with them to school, spent time on the rowing machine, sat down to check email before showering, then the school called. Daughter(9) had fallen and bumped a tooth. All is well now. I must have faith that the dentist’s decision not to Do Something was correct. I love our dentists. They’re two brothers, our age, with kids the ages of ours. Instead of saying, “You aren’t getting behind their molars clean,” with that “You shouldn’t be a parent” look, they say, “I can’t get there on my kids either.” Anyways, the probable outcome is a day home on painkillers and her front tooth will stay twisted. We already knew she’d need braces in 3 years, so it will get untwisted then. He mentioned something about not bracing it while it healed. Like I said, I must have faith in his decision not to Do Something.

Today is Tuesday. The plan is to spend an hour social-networking, then four hours of housework, starting with dishes, laundry, bills and bathrooms. Wish me luck!


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