To Hang Two Pictures

Sit patiently while Mom goes through her routine. Every time we visit, she has a dozen or so treasures she wants me to see. It’s a long, slow, steady process of purging her stuff. This time two pictures Dad brought back from Korea and which lived on my childhood bedroom walls were in the pile.

Let the pictures age on the dining room table from December holiday until late September, all the while hoping they don’t get broken.

Realize hammer is upstairs, and there are nails left over from the new office shelf.

Measure very roughly, put in first nail, hang first picture, be happy with it. Realize I need the level to get the second nail directly under the first.

See (or rather not see) that light in tool room is out.

Go all the way upstairs (5 flights — it’s a split-level) to bathroom for flashlight. Reverse trip with flashlight in hand. Realize flashlight battery needs changing. Big, old, C or D size batteries, incandescent bulb.

Get level. Back to middle floor. Take off first picture. Draw vertical line, hold picture by wire — you know the drill. Got it good enough first try.

Now to deal with the flashlight and burnt-out bulb.

And we wonder why the simple stuff never gets done.


2 thoughts on “To Hang Two Pictures

  1. I saw a similar situation outlined recently where a mom went to use the bathroom and saw there was no toilet paper, so she goes to the linen closet to get the toilet paper, and on the way there comes across other things that need to be done. Half an hour later she realizes she needs to use the bathroom, so she goes into the bathroom and realizes there’s still no toilet paper in there.

    Simple stuff never gets done because there’s too much other simple stuff that needs to be done in order to do the simple stuff. And those simple things have their antecedents too. :-b

  2. That was me last night, only it wasn’t toilet paper. Something about sick kid, medicine, measuring said kid for socks (again), following pattern in head, checking kid’s toothbrushing skill, reminding other kid to check agenda, confirming 1st kid changed out of pjs she wore all day (sick), getting toilet paper for kid who needed it (who can’t get if from cabinet beside toilet, sigh).

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