Someone Doesn’t Want Me to Vote

This morning I received an automated phone call saying that my polling station had been moved.

They lied!!!

The polls at West End Rec Centre are still there. They have not been moved.

Elections Canada isn’t stupid. Most voters go from work to the polls. They wouldn’t get the message. The polls would be filled with frustrated voters.

The people who don’t want me to vote will be sadly disappointed.


4 thoughts on “Someone Doesn’t Want Me to Vote

    1. I’m not sure, but people in the neighbouring cities and in Ottawa also got similar calls. CBC tweeted me for details, so I know they’re looking into it.

      There’s some speculation, but I think it’s “favourite target” rather than based on evidence. Just because I once said I didn’t like a party doesn’t mean that’s why I was targeted. It could be someone randomly calling neighbourhoods likely to vote against their favourite party. (Psych question, why am I so visibly upset about the results now, when I was so careful not to state my preferences before?)

    1. I called my local MP last month, when it reached the news again, and they were eager to take my name and address. He’s Liberal, so I assume he’ll add it to the master list.

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