Skew Socks

Long time in stash and printout. A fairly fast knit, except for redoing the heel several times. My own fault. I was modifying the pattern and didn’t catch all the places it needed changing.

Pattern is in Knitty.
Changes as suggested by the designer. Increased ankle band and higher instep.


3 thoughts on “Skew Socks

    1. Post has been edited to include links to the designer’s blog posts, which has more details and options, but assumes you can think in two directions.

      I did the higher instep option (Increase 6 st on the first row of the inner ankle section, slightly different stitch count for a bit, then the extra stitches are part of the heel seam.)

      And the lengthened ankle band with the two pairs of short rows.

      Let me know if you want it the details spelled out. Proof-reading will cost extra.

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