It’s Been a While

I’ve had this urge to start blogging again, and today seems like a good day.

Life’s been as busy as usual. Way too many projects and goals, with too few deadlines.

I now have an occasional job as backup secretary at the church. Me? Working for a church? We started going because my daughter wanted to join their community choir. It’s a denomination I’m comfortable with (no hate, much inclusion). Fortunately, it’s not the secretary’s job to provide pastoral care, and as part-time I can honestly say, “I’m not familiar with the policy on that, would you like to talk with a minister?”

I started networking for a new job mid-January with a friendly person at the church, and her eyes lit up. It turns out she’s the backup secretary, looking to spend more time on other things, and the full-time secretary had a 2-week vacation coming up. Long story short, we didn’t ask the personnel committee in time, so I didn’t get trained before she left, then the backup had a family emergency so she trained me on a morning when she was very low on sleep, and both ministers were at a week-long conference. They only needed me one day, and I did okay, but it was awkward. Fortunately, it was a light day in the schedule. Another team had dealt with the money on Monday, and the bulletin didn’t need doing until Thursday. (Starting it too early doesn’t save time, since information dribbles in all week.) I’ll go in for more training next week when the full-time secretary has recovered from her vacation. The only way to really learn a job is to actually do it while the trainer works on another project.

My goals for the blog now include “what I learned today.” This might be something I researched that I think others will find interesting, or document another step towards me learning wisdom and gaining expertise. (An expert is someone who has already made the mistakes.)

On to housework.


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